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A Humane Startup – AI Powered Wearable device into our Pockets

The Humane Startup, created by ex-Apple workers Imran Chaudhry and Bethany Bongiorno, has unveiled its latest item, an AI powered wearable device with a projection screen. This pocket projector does not need any phone to connect.

Humane Inc, a firm created by ex-Apple Inc workers, has received $250 million and plans to launch its first products this spring. 

The firm was formed in 2018, and it has already funded $241 million. However, the company has yet to reveal what it is working on, stating only that it is a “software platform and consumer device built from the ground up for artificial intelligence.”

How does this gadget work?

The Humane gadget is anticipated to be powered by a Qualcomm (Snapdragon) CPU and runs Android. During the presentation, Chaudhry carried the device in his breast pocket and occasionally knocked on it or gave voice commands to wake it up.Thus is the reason it is often termed as a pocket projector.

 According to Axios, the gadget also allows gesture instructions.

Chaudhry says “This is a new kind of wearable devices and platforms that are completely built from the ground up for artificial intelligence. And it’s completely autonomous. You don’t need a smartphone or other device to connect”.

What does this new device do?

The gadget readily offers information on “emails, calendar notifications, and messages” that the user may have missed in a day – the user is most likely connected to cloud services, where he takes this information. In addition to vocal answers, the AI assistant can project images onto any surface (as Chaudhry showed on his hand). Isn’t this pocket projector cool?

Humane also stated that it is collaborating with Korean electronics behemoth LG Electronics Inc “on potential (research and development) projects for the next phase of Humane products” and with Volvo Car’s Tech Fund on “a potential future collaboration that would be the first example of Humane’s offering being applied to the automotive industry.”

Future of AI Device

Indeed this new tech has put a stepping stone for AI powered wearable devices. The founders also claim that this technology can replace smartphones. 

Although it was a prototype the Humane Startup has bagged a huge funding which shows the investors have faith in the idea of AI powered wearable devices.

AI tech is transforming the world and thanks to the latest innovation, the future of AI is promising.


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