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Study Abroad Programs: Step-By-Step Guide and Best Places To Choose

Traveling to international countries and gaining experiences in the form of adventures has been romanticized by every media channel- films, blogs, social media, etc. But not everyone dreaming to go abroad has the same plans. Are you planning to study abroad? Today study abroad programs are so easily available to pursue. Probably another product of globalization is that today, almost everyone knows someone who has gone abroad for studies.

With the help of study abroad consultants, admission, interviewing, and interactive processes have turned so simple and approachable. Just the right amount of research and confidence can land you the offer letter to your dream university abroad. There are plenty of study abroad scholarships available today that make it even more accessible. The best places to study abroad have some of the top universities that provide quality education resulting in high-paying jobs in the future.

Best Places to Study Abroad

Choosing a local university is a crucial, overwhelming, and tiring task. Imagine having to do that for a whole different country, or even continent!

  1. Finland

Best perks-

  1. Finland’s Education system is one of the most praised
  2. Focuses on incremental life skills
  3. Offers theoretical and traditional research programs
  4. Industry-based trainingsttraining
  5. Friendly study abroad programs
  6. Germany

Best perks-

  1. Zero tuition fees
  2. Easy access to 9 other neighboring countries
  3. Lower Living Costs
  4. Public Transport friendly
  5. One of the world’s best business and academic hubs
  6. Italy

Best perks-

  1. PIZZA!
  2. Best place to study abroad for art, history, fashion, and languages
  3. Friendly work-culture
  4. Adjustable university hours
  5. Supportive study abroad programs
  6. USA

Best perks-

  1. STEM-related curriculum
  2. Home to several IVY league universities
  3. Major development hub for Computer science, Engineering, Management, and Law
  4. Fast work culture
  5. Australia

Best perks-

  1. Popular for Engineering, Architecture, Media, and Business
  2. One of the best education systems
  3. 7 Australian Universities in Top 100 List of QS Rankings 2022
  4. Excellent career opportunities
  5. One of the best study abroad programs
  6. Denmark

Best perks-

  1. 99% literacy rate
  2. Extremely supportive and progressive education
  3. Top best countries to study abroad
  4. One of the happiest countries in the world

Here’s a brief step-by-step process of getting that study abroad program-

  1. Determine Your Financial Ability

Making way to a whole new country with a culture and lifestyle of its own isn’t simple, and definitely not cheap. When we talk about pursuing education in a different country, we don’t just consider the tuition fees, and other academic expenses.

There are living costs, traveling expenses, emergency expenses, and so on. Researching on the average living, and eating costs is the first thing you should do if you aspire to study abroad.

The academic costs are to be kept separate from living costs as you can’t cut off from either.

  • Select Colleges And College Programs

This plays a huge role as studying abroad is a huge investment- and not just monetary. Make sure that the college/university you are choosing has a good global ranking as well as local reviews.

The study program you are choosing must align with your interests perfectly so that you make the most out of that opportunity. The best places to study abroad are an array of opportunities and dreams. Choose wisely!

Another important point to ponder is whether or not the environment of the country/university you are choosing is welcoming and friendly.

  • Consult With Study Abroad Consultants

With just one appointment with study abroad consultants can clear you of all doubts you may have. The consultants are professionals and experienced and will show you the apt way to approach things.

  • Make A Strong Application

Your application should represent you perfectly; not just academically but as a an individual as well.

Once you have submitted these applications through your consultant, the colleges will approach you.

  • IELTS/TOFEL if Necessary

If passing an English test is required to enroll in your course, study diligently to earn high marks. In addition to having a large vocabulary, it is crucial to be grammatically sound on an exam like the IELTS.

  • Accepting Responses

The university or institution will carefully review your application after receiving it and let you know the results. The processing of your application might take a few weeks (or more for postgraduate degrees).

You will be sent an acceptance form and a letter of offer if your application is accepted. Go through the offer thoroughly with your counselor before accepting it to look for any potential restrictions.

5. Student Visa

The most crucial action to do after accepting the offer letter is to apply for your student visa. Your IDP counselor will assist you in applying for a visa and assembling the necessary paperwork because each nation has its unique set of requirements that must be met.


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