T.V. Mahalingam’s epic novel ‘Brahma Hathya’ now on stands by Westland Books

Chennai, January 29th, 2024: Set to stand as a testament to the power of storytelling, T. V. Mahalingam’s debut novel ‘Brahma Hathya’, is an Indian mythological fantasy set in the mystic lands of Kedar where the ice clad mountains hold secrets and stories. Published by the award-winning Indian publisher- Westland Books, the 356 pages novel roots through the complexities of violence, heritage, kinship, betrayal, love and bravery against all odds. 

With growing interest in mythology and fantasy genre, and yet only a few original stories being explored under this theme, Brahma Hathya narrates a story of a young shepherd boy that unfolds as he meets a mystic Jogi with no past. In the far distant lands, a Brahman makes a bold prophecy of death and destruction. The unbridled power of the majestic Trivikrama, the lord of the kingdom of Vaishali, the mesmerising and mysterious Avanti and the fearsome tribes of the forest come together in a story that combines myth with love, power and mystery. Who is the Jogi? Who is the Brahman? What secrets do the halls of Vaishali hold?

Expressing his sentiments on the book launch, the author’s brother T.V. Naarayan, said, “Brahma Hathya is a masterpiece and an ode to all the great fantasy fiction stories from India. T.V. Mahalingam was a journalist and technophile, communications expert, and a cricket enthusiast. An avid reader, he could talk for hours about mythology, science, history. For someone who loved fiction and fantasy, he chose that genre for his first novel on Indian mythology and fantasy.”

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