Fashion design courses in India

Fashion Design Courses in India- Types of Courses, Eligibility, And Entrance Exams

Fashion design has seen tremendous growth- both as a course and as a field. Over the last few years, Fashion designers have gained respect and recognition among other so-called “settled” fields. Fashion designers are qualified and skilled professionals. Becoming a fashion designer requires a skill more intricate and observant than any other. A fashion design course equips a student with creative, practical, and operational skills. If researched well, there are several new and progressive fashion design courses in India for people who wish to pursue the field.

Every country, culture, and region has its sense of fashion- aesthetics, fabric selection, styles, and more. Knowing the intricacies of fashion, and implementing your creativity and ideas into it is being a Fashion designer. Specifically speaking Indian fashion, always has this sense of freedom and elegance. The fashion industry’s other professions, including stylists, merchandisers, pattern makers, seamstresses, costume designers, modelling agencies, design firms, and magazine editors, collaborate alongside fashion designers.

Fashion design courses in India has a bright future as there are fashion giants like Dior recognizing the country and its designer.

The fashion industry in India has seen a lot of development. Renowned designers like Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra, and Vaishali Shadangule have taken Indian fashions to the runways of events like the Paris Fashion Week.

What it is Like Being A Fashion Designer

Apart from facing comments like “So you are a tailor then?” fashion designers have to analyze current fashion trends and also gauge what a customer will find appealing. They have to work in, and as a team to achieve their next fashion line. Developing concepts- creative and execute-ready is at the core of fashion design.

Testing and blending different fabrics according to their qualities and details is not as easy as it sounds. Supervising and looking after designs and making sure they are the way they are supposed to take a lot of attention to detail.

Fashion designers in India are responsible for every event you see- keeping in mind every star’s choice and vibe and suggesting and designing accordingly is not an easy job. A course in fashion design opens up a world for all these possibilities and aspirations to come to life.

Qualifications to Become a Fashion Designer

To pursue a fashion design courses in India, there are certain requirements and guidelines. Starting with the basics, a student must have a fashion background degree previously like a Diploma in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Fashion Design, and BDes in Fashion Designing. This allows the student to have the basic knowledge before entering a full-fledged and professional course in Fashion Design.

Apart from a minimum 50% percentage, students need to give entrance exams like NID, DAT, NIFT, SEED, etc. These exams test theoretical knowledge as well as its practical application in the fashion industry.

Best Courses for Fashion Design in India

There are broadly 4 types of courses that branch into various directions providing their specializations. It is up to the student and their interests and the directions they want to go. The duration of these courses is-

B.Des (3 Years)

M.Des (2 Years)

B.Sc. (3 Years)

M.Sc. (2 Years)

  • B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Designing
  • B.Sc in Fashion Business and Retail Management
  • B.Sc in Lifestyle and Accessories Design
  • B.Des in Fashion Design
  • B.Des in Knitwear Design
  • B.Des in Fashion Communication
  • B.Des in Accessory Design
  • B.Des in Apparel Production
  • B.Des in Leather Design
  • B.Des in Textile Design
  • B.A Honours in Communication Design
  • B.An Honours Fashion Styling and Image Design
  • B.A Honours in Jewellery Design
  • M.Sc in Fashion Design

Top Fashion Design Colleges of India

  1. NIFT Bangalore – National Institute of Fashion Technology
    1. Visva Bharati University – Visva-Bharati
    1. NIFT Chennai – National Institute of Fashion Technology
    1. NIFT Hyderabad – National Institute of Fashion Technology
    1. MSU Baroda – Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda


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