Team Genius Partners with Gateway+ to Turn Educator’s Ambitious Vision into Reality

Gateway+, an education technology start-up, announced its strategic partnership with Team Genius today, an online digital transformation company. The partnership will allow the start-ups to harness the power of technology to deliver expert university and test preparation content in a way that has never been seen before.

With support and guidance from Team Genius, Gateway+ is built as a robust educational platform that integrates the most up-to-date admissions and tests preparation content with features to maximize engagement from learners. The platform boasts hundreds of video lessons with over 2,200 minutes of learning, with tailored content to five major higher education destinations: the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Apart from video lessons, the platform also features community spaces where learners can interact, and checkpoints and assessments strategically placed so students can track their progress.

According to the founder of Gateway+, Clarice Chan, “Gateway+ was founded with a vision to level the playing field regarding students’ journeys to higher education. We aim to empower students across the globe to overcome the asymmetry in access to information. From choosing the best universities for their academic goals to providing comprehensive test preparation support, students will be empowered to tackle every part of the university admissions process.”

By partnering, Team Genius and Gateway+ can offer scalable solutions for delivering quality educational content to learners worldwide.

“This strategic partnership is a step towards creating an efficient, engaging, learning experience for Gateway+ customers. Team Genius is excited to be on this journey with Gateway+ as our shared values and mission create powerful synergy,” said Yasaf Burshan, the owner and CEO of Team Genius. “This collaboration provides Gateway+ with the competitive edge they need to be the leaders in their niche,” Yasaf added.

About Gateway+

Gateway+ is a content streaming platform for all your higher education needs. Its extensive content and proven pedagogy help students make informed decisions as they prepare for higher education. The platform is friendly on all devices and provides quality content that students can access anytime, anywhere.

About Team Genius

Team Genius, founded by Yasaf Burshan, is a leading digital technologies partner for creators in the new world committed to utilizing the power of technology to transform businesses. The next-generation solutions by Team Genius have helped companies across industries to scale their business and deliver a seamless experience to their customers. It is a certified Thinkific expert, certified Zapier expert and technology partner with other major brands such as Microsoft and The company’s mission is to empower the creators. Team Genius is recognized as the one-stop shop for digital services, providing exceptional work.

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