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What is Content Marketing and Shareable Content 

What’s common between the posts you read on Instagram, the scroll ads on google, and the attractive emails you receive? All of that are forms of content marketing. They are different content marketing tools that are used to promote a brand further to its potential audience.

Another thing common between these? Quite a few people actually care to read these Instagram posts, scrolling ads, or spam e-mails. 

Content marketing services are available, but is the content shareable? What is shareable content? Does my website have shareable content? How to create shareable content?


What is Shareable Content?

Shareable content is written in a way that encourages readers to spread the word about it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Why is Shareable Content Important?

  • With more people seeing your content, your brand becomes more well-known.
  • As more people engage with your content, it increases engagement with your business.
  • It increases the likelihood that new audiences will connect to your material naturally, decreasing the need for you to constantly hire a freelance SEO copywriter to build backlinks.
  • As more people see your brand on various social media platforms, it gains authority and more credibility.
  • It draws the attention of influential people in the business and creates chances for partnerships, requests for guest posts, or podcast interviews.
  • Shareable Content increases blog traffic since throngs of people click on the links in the shared content.

Only the best material that truly deserves to be shared will be shared in the media and marketing environment of today. 

It’s up to you to develop material that people will naturally want to share, with or without the help of an algorithm, as the networks themselves have made it obvious they’re done giving anyone else any favours on this front.

Ways To Create Shareable Content For Your Website

  1. Tell a Story

Now, this doesn’t mean you will recite Aesop’s fables in your professional brand story.

Why is storytelling a crucial component in creating shareable content? Because it makes a subject more accessible to your audience’s everyday experience by allowing them to picture themselves in that position.

  • Make Content Skimmable But Informative

Eyes should be guided around the screen by content, and listicles do this well since they have the following features:

  • List with bullets
  • Several subheadings
  • Logical arrangement
  • Graphics
  • Quotes and statistics in-line

Readable Content

Shareable material can be quickly skimmed through by readers to find what they’re looking for. Because of this, listicles are a useful format for increasing readership and sharing.

Readers can quickly browse the list and read the items that most appeal to them.

  • Latch on Trending Topics

Sometimes, it gets really tough to look for interesting topics that not only are attractive, but also fitting to your website or brand’s virtues. Content marketing is when the topics you write about are extremely catchy and informative. 

One can create shareable content by taking trends around the world.

These trends can be about fashion, media, current affairs, or even memes!

One content marketing strategy is to link your brand to the trend in a way. Making it funny yet catchy.

  • Value Exchange

Social currency is a significant factor in sharing since human beings are primarily motivated by a want for affirmation and a desire to appear smart, witty, or entertaining. 

Additionally, people desire to display their social ideals more and more. According to 68% of people, sharing helps other people get to know them better and their interests. In the end, if you can mark off two of the following, you’re already there to create shareable content.

  • Make Content Personal

It is important to recognise and validate the fact that through your blog, website, or brand you create a community. Through content marketing practices, you reach out to existing and potential audience who will want to interact with whatever you’re putting out.

Adding personalising components like “our brand” “us as a brand family” or highlighting problems relating to your audience makes one feel seen and validated.

  • Add Shareable Media

Adding media- audio, video, image, makes your written piece more attractive. While just text can be a bit boring, adding a tinge of media in between breaks the text into a colorful and informative distraction.

Additionally, to create shareable content, having media in between can make your website more relatable and share-worthy.

Your information through a video has more chances of being read than through paragraphs.

  • Make Share Buttons Visible

You know how someone is there to support you at the right time you trip and fall?

Same way, while surfing through your website, the second a thought strikes to share this, there should be a “share” button in sight.

This encourages your audience to share the website, page, or something specific about it to their circle. 

Content marketing is all about convincing your audience in lesser time. 

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