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Women’s Day 2023: Women Content Creators Across Genres You Should Check Out

Ever since the emergence of social media, content creation has been one of the most sought-after careers. Content creators make the experience of social media worthwhile, entertaining, and informative. Being a content creator is being on top of trends, current affairs, and communication. There is a lot of content being posted out there. This International Women’s Day, treat yourself by watching the leading women content creators who are changing the path of content creation. 

2023’s International Women’s Day: On March 8th, we commemorate womanhood and the inherent strength that every woman possesses. Let’s honor the incredible Indian women creators who have led by example in empowering women on this Women’s Day in 2023.

When it comes to content creation, there are two platforms that are leading- both in terms of creators and content. Instagram- reels and full-length videos and Youtube-  shorts and full-length videos. Though Youtube content creators are the ones who started this video content creation trend, Instagram content creators also have made their place. Both have their monetary benefits,  both platforms need to be consistent and stable. 

It was once a “hyper fixation” that women content creators are limited to make-up and lifestyle videos. Sketch comedy, skits, technology, and informative content were not their cup of tea they said. These women decided to prove them wrong and wrote their own content stories. International Women’s day is all about appreciating and uplifting fellow women. These women do just that by making a place for themselves in the content world. 

  1. Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)

When we talk about Indian women content creators, this name will probably be on everyone’s lists. Prajakta Koli started her Youtube channel under “MostlySane) in 2010 and uploaded comedic sketches and rant videos. Today having over 6 million subscribers and 7.5 million followers on Instagram, she has achieved commendable milestones in her career.

Having bagged the lead role in Netflix’s “Mismatched” and a prominent role in the movie “Jugg Jugg Jeeyo”, she proved herself with her acting skills. Her channel is filled with videos across genres like entertainment, lifestyle, reviews, and recommendations.

  1. Gopali Tiwari

 If you are looking for a channel that uploads videos that feel “homely” and “warm, this one is for you. Started her Youtube channel in 2018, Goplai has more than 7 lakh subscribers and 184k followers on Instagram

Goplai along with her sister and mother uploads funny challenges related to food and daily life. The easy-going and warmingly funny vibes in her videos are what make them watch-worthy. Filled with silly jokes and a sort of nostalgia, Gopali’s challenge videos and vlogs are comforting. 

  1. Anisha Dixit

Formerly known as “Rikshawali”, Anisha Dixit posts comedic videos as a Youtube and Instagram content creator. 3.05 million people subscribe to her channel, and she uses hilarious sketches in her videos to address controversial subjects. Relationships, eras, and values are just a few of the subjects discussed.

In addition to taboo subjects, Anisha also publishes prank movies and expresses her opinion on numerous matters. It’s a channel that delves into India’s taboos in a lighthearted manner; it’s not your normal makeup instruction.

  1. Techy Kiran

Started her Youtube channel in 2017, this women content creator deals with the technology niche. She posts reviews and tutorials related to the newest models of laptops, mobile phones, earbuds, and other technology. 

Having 677k subscribers, her channel is steadily growing with her trustworthy reviews and promotions. An electrical engineer herself, she provides in-depth reviews highlighting both the pros and cons of the device. She posts her videos in Hindi making sure her videos are understood by everyone. 

  1. Komal Pandey

Quite possibly the queen of fashion and lifestyle videos currently on both Youtube and Instagram, Komal Pandey’s videos and reels are worth her fame. Her content creation journey started with POPxo where she featured in similar fashion and lifestyle videos she now produces on her own. 

She posts styling, GRWM, and other fashion-related videos in both English and Hindi narration. Be it her Reels or full-length videos, Komal Pandey pays attention to the production value of her videos. Making her one of the most famous online personalities.

  1. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is a travel blogger who records her journeys and adventures through her Youtube channel. Her channel features movies about solitary travel, which are a fantastic source of inspiration. The adventurer will take you to some of the most amazing locations in India and other nations. She is a fearless solitary traveler who looks everywhere.

  1. Kusha Kapila

One of the top Indian influencers and YouTubers is well-known online star Kusha Kapila. Kusha Kapila posts hilariously relatable reels on her Instagram account. Her easy-going and not-so-posh language is what makes her videos real. 

Her relatable sketches can range from Indian moms to the very stereotypical “SoBo/ South Delhi girl”. She has also hosted and starred in series like “Comicstaan” and “Masaaba-Masaaba.”

  1. Prarthana 

The Queer community and content related to it is still sort of a taboo in our society. Content and resources related to the community often root in foreign countries and channels. Seeing this, Prarthana (shorthairedbrownqueer) decided to become an Instagram content creator and post the queer content she wants to see. Her following still growing, at 15k followers, she is one of the first women online personalities to do this. 

She posts relatable and comforting content not just for the queer community but teens in general.


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